Seeing Past The Physical (Metaphysics For Beginners Series)

Metaphysics For Beginners Series

Seeing Past The Physical

The next step in honing one’s metaphysical abilities is learning how to see past the “physical”. When I say this, I’m referring to the image of the physical that is commonly shared by the general population. The reason for this is relatively clear. There is far more in our existence than what we normally focus on with our senses. Science has (correctly) told us that innumerable dimensions exist within our own space.

Dimensional Rules

Each dimension has its own rules that we may not be unfamiliar with. However, a certain level of understanding can be achieved through study. But, first, you need to be ‘evolved’ sufficiently to want to seek out that study. You can tell that you, personally, have reached that point by the mere fact you’re reading this. What you ‘do’ with this information, though, will be determined by how evolved you actually are. For example, for those who are exceptionally evolved, one sentence would be enough. They would be able to latch on to metaphysical truth and break through the barriers of our perception ‘prisons’!

But, let’s say that’s not you and me. We need more than just one sentence. So, the next step is to take up where we left off in the first (“Meditation”) lesson. Now that you have begun to successfully turn off your internal dialog, you can begin the next step. First of all, our limited perception of the world is created by more than just our thoughts. It’s what we see, as well. In order to begin to understand that our visuals serve to limit us, we can perform another exercise.

First Find Quiet

First, you need to be in your “quiet” meditation space with either your dot or flame. Once you begin to turn off your internal dialog, focus on the object in front of you. As you stare at the object, begin to control your breathing. As your meditation lessons have (hopefully) taught you, you will breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. In addition, you will try not to breathe with your chest going up and down. The correct way to breathe is to breathe using your lower abdomen (near your navel). As you breathe in through your nose, that lower part of your abdomen expands outwards. When you breathe out through your mouth, the opposite happens and your lower abdomen deflates.

Practice your ‘correct’ breathing until you are comfortable with it. Then completely relax your eyes until they go “out of focus”. When this happens, you will see two dots or two flames. You may need to practice for a few mediation sessions, until you can do this easily. Once you can accomplish these techniques, then comes the ‘challenging’ part. You will then focus on the space between the two dots (or flames).

During your ‘quiet’ meditation sessions, you will continue to practice these techniques. The reason for this is relatively simple. You are ‘training’ your subconscious to understand that there are more ways to observe our physical world. Your subconscious is learning that a “truth” might lay in between the spaces that we normally see. In addition, your breathing is now exercising an energy center that has been verified by many different metaphysical disciplines. This verification has been in existence for literally thousands of years.


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