Self-Care for the Spiritually Aware

Inundated with cosmic energy, stressed out and constantly feeling physically exhausted?  This is not an uncommon circumstance for individuals on a spiritual path.  Why?  The reason being is that as you walk a spiritual path, choose to live more from your heart center, and learn to raise your vibration, you also become more keenly in tune with the energies that surround making you an unconscious sponge. But, in opening to spiritual energies, we quickly neglect our own self-care as the spiritually aware.

Whether you are a sensitive, intuitive, healer or just embarking on your soul’s path, the concept of self-care naturally falls to the bottom of the priority list as your attention is focused on the service of others.  Living spirituality is to incorporate and honor every day self-care for as you care for yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, a deeper sense of connection, balance, and vigor is bestowed.

As a soul walking on the earth plane, you are gifted with a magnificent body as your vessel to allow you to fulfill your soul’s plan. And, just because you are more spiritually inclined in this lifetime, it is important to also remember to embrace the simple pleasures of life.  Denying  yourself the basic necessities to thrive may seem noble to the mind’s notion of struggle builds character, yet nothing ever good has come from deprivation.  Time to drop the belief that self-care is selfish and choose to fill up your cup first.  Only then can you ascend on your spiritual path with two feet on the ground.

Not sure where to begin? Here are five every day practices ignite your soul and replenish your body.

Self-Care for the Spiritually Aware

Establish A Morning Routine. If you are prone to hitting snooze and then rushing to shower in order to make the Starbucks run before work for an adrenaline kick to get you through the morning… then it is time to rethink the importance of slowing down.   The morning is a sacred time for the mind has not yet had the chance to kick fully into gear.  Take time to enjoy the waking from the night’s rest. Practice refraining from hitting snooze, focus on your breath and say hello to your soul.  The way you choose to create your morning often sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Practice Energetic Hygiene  

You cleanse the physical body with a bath or shower, yet often forget about the energetic body.  Being weighed down with energy other than your own can create a feeling of lethargy.  Take time each day to establish a practice to clear your energy and  balance your chakra’s with the intention to reside within your own energetic space.  The practice need not be lengthy to be effective, think quality over quantity.

Nourish Your Body 

Fresh food is the new ‘processed food’.  Begin to incorporate into your dietary intake foods that honor your body, and require less packaging. There is no one size fits all diet, yet we can all agree that eating from the earth and mostly organic tops all “diets”.  The more colorful the diet, the more nutrient rich.  Make it a goal to include three different colors into each meal and begin to notice how you begin to feel. And remember, a bit of chocolate can be spiritual too!

Tune Out & Tune In 

Give yourself permission to detox from the outside world engage in moments of peace and quiet.  This may be time in nature, an afternoon nap, quiet music, meditating, playing with your kids or animals, or quality time with friends and family etc.  We create memories in the moment, choose those that ignite your soul.

When NO Means NO & YES Means YES  

There are times when compromises is essential yet there are other times when the nudges of your body and soul take precedence.  The practice of conversing with your soul, aka, “Inner GPS” will help guide you to make decisions that honor your needs while respect those of others.  If NO feels like the right answer, there will be no guilt attached.  If YES is what feels right, there will be an internal sense of calmness.  Honor your no’s and yes’s, and you will find yourself on the path of less resistance.

By practicing these five self-care tips you will in time begin to notice a shift in energy on all levels.  And remember, these you will get the most benefit from these suggestions when personalized to your needs.  Get creative, it is okay to think outside the box. Say YES to whatever form of self-care will serve you.  The most important take away is to, “Just Do It!”


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