Understanding The Psychic Gift of Clairsentience

There are a number of gifts people can have that go beyond the ordinary realm of perception. Some people think of them as highly unusual oddities that might occasionally be relegated to the gullible. Others can go off on a tangent and start believing in any so-called “psychic theories” that are presented to them.

And then there are those who have taken a solid, practical approach to understanding certain aspects of psychic phenomena. These individuals have come to understand that what is termed “psychic phenomena” is merely a set of physical laws. They are laws that we need to understand more thoroughly. In some cases, we need to “re-discover” laws of physics that we have lost with the ending of different civilizations. Clairsentience falls under that category.

What is Clairsentience?

The word “clairsentience” means “clear feeling”. It’s designed to describe the ability to understand knowledge that is being ‘sensed’ from our surrounding energies. We know that there are many types of energy fields that routinely surround us. A number of these energy fields have been identified through traditional science. However, there are also fields of energy that our current technology has yet to identify. This is easy to understand since previously unknown atomic particles have only been discovered in recent times. Add to this, this sophistication of the human mind and body that even modern science can’t fully comprehend.

Gut Feeling

Clairsentience will usually take the form of a “gut feeling”. This particular feeling can be brought about by focusing on a place, situation or another individual. A person who is clairsentient will commonly rely on their ability on a pretty consistent basis. This is why successful businesspeople can often be found to have the gift of clairsentience. It’s also one of the most common abilities to be taught in advance management training programs.

Signs of Clairsentience

If you have a predisposition to being clairsentience, you may notice the following:

  • When you enter a room, you immediately sense tension, even though people are pretending to be jovial. Shortly afterwards, your feelings are confirmed.
  • You suddenly find yourself feeling tense and upset when entering a new location. Then you discover that the location was the site of a violent situation.
  • You sense that someone is looking at you and confirm it when you turn around.

There is a very interesting thing about that last point. People who live in places that can be inherently dangerous, like a large city, will demonstrate this phenomenon. Those who ride crowded buses or trains use this ability all the time. They will commonly tell you that if someone is staring at them, they can confirm it. They can do this even though the person may be behind them! This is a perfect example of using clairsentience on a regular basis.

More Clairsentience Indicators

Another indication of being clairsentient is the way that one relates to others. It’s not uncommon for someone who is clairsentient to have others seeking them out for advice. That’s because a person who has this ability tends to be highly empathetic and others sense this. When we know that someone can understand us, we seek out that person. However, it is also possible for the clairsenscient person to have their own mood disrupted by negative moods of others. In some cases, this occurs because the clairsenscient person has actually drawn off a bit of the negative energy from someone else, 

Honing Your Clairsenscient Ability

For those who feel that they may be Clairsenscient, there are several ways to increase your abilities:

  • Keep track of your encounters with clairsentience and write them down. Read them over (preferably out loud) at the end of day, before sleep. This does two things. One, it indicates to yourself that you have a recognizable ability. It will also provide a form of ‘reward’ that is registered within your subconscious. This will assist you in making clairsentience a part of your everyday life.
  • Become acutely aware of how you feel towards people, places and things. This doesn’t mean how you “judge” everything. It means to sense what you feel, without any verbalizing in your head. This requires a special development of sensitivity. Here, you will want to distinguish between what you may ‘normally’ feel and what you ‘actually’ feel. These, at first, may be subtle distinctions. But, with practice, you will be able to determine the difference over time.
  • One of the most important things, when developing any sensitivity, is learning to quiet your mind. There is a reason why just about all belief systems that teach metaphysical abilities also stress Meditation. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about Buddhist Monks or Christian Priests. The ability to silence the “static” of constant internal dialog is essential for the strengthening of the energy within us. It gives us the upper hand when it comes to listening to the energy wavelengths that surround us.

Clairsentience is relatively easy to access

Fortunately, clairsentience is an ability that is relatively easy to access. The reason for this has to do with our human evolution. Primitive man didn’t have claws and sharp fangs for protection. Of course, the human mind eventually developed artificial tools for protection. But prior to the development of effective, long-range tools, something else was needed. That “something” was a heightened sense of what things were good and helpful and what places were harmful and dangerous. Today, we still carry those internal tools. They have only become submerged due to our current world environment. That is, in places where life-threatening turmoil isn’t a daily reality. The people who live in dangerous places have learned to use clairsentience in order to survive. Why not develop that ability in order to meet the challenges of your world?


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  1. Linda August 24, 2019 at 9:13 am - Reply

    I view all the Clairs and even mediumship as skills not unlike reading, math, or swimming. It is my belief that each of us have natural ability for each Clair that falls somewhere along a spectrum from minimal to exceptional. Similarly, we can also rate our training/usage on a scale from minimal to exceptional. Therefore, any one with an interest can improve their ability simply by studying and practicing. To use a swimming analogy, studying and practicing doesn’t mean that a poor swimmer will turn into Micheal Phelps, but a poor swimmer might turn into someone who can swim laps in a pool. The same is true with the Clairs.

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