Understanding The Psychic Gift of Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is an attribute that many people misunderstand. This is so because of a few reasons. Probably the biggest reason is that folks don’t want to appear “odd” or somewhat “daft” by proclaiming that they can see into the future. This is pretty understandable. If you relate any particular instance in which you distinctly understood a future event, people will mostly shrug it off. They’ll chalk it up to “coincidence”. Then, if you try to point out that this happens to you regularly, they may look at you a bit strangely.

The other thing that may get in the way is the tendency for the clairvoyant to believe in multiple coincidences, as well. However, if a clairvoyant has friends and families that understand clairvoyance, then things are more fortuitous. One may even encounter a good number of situations in which clairvoyance has been known to run in people’s families. But, if you are curious about this subject (after all, you’re reading this article), then let’s take a closer look. What, exactly, is clairvoyance and how do you know if you have this gift?

Exactly What Is Clairvoyance?

Those who have heard of the word “clairvoyant” have probably heard of other related terms such as “psychic”. While there is a connection between these two terms, clairvoyance carries a more exact interpretation. Basically, someone who is clairvoyant has the ability to perceive and sense things that have yet to happen. The reason behind this involves a principle that has also been recognized by well-known physicists. It is also one of the principles of metaphysics, as well.


That principle speaks to the fact that “time”, as we usually understand it, is an illusion. The way that our brains normally perceive time is only necessary for us to communicate with each other. If everyone perceived existence without the description of time, then it would be impossible for us to work together. But this doesn’t mean that everyone is limited by their perception of “linear” time (time that goes forward from past to future). Some people have an ability to perceive things “outside the box”. It may be an inherent ability to understand things that others cannot (math geniuses, science prodigies, etc.). It can also mean that some can see beyond what we call the “present”.

In the past, those with this particular gift, such as Nostradamus, were highly regarding and held in awe. Unfortunately, many charlatans have made large sums of money by faking this gift. But what about someone’s ability to be or become clairvoyant? Consider some of these potential indicators of clairvoyance and compare them to your own experience.

Signs of Clairvoyance

Determining if you are clairvoyant is a relatively simple process that only requires some close observations. Let’s begin with “dreams”.


Dreams can be misunderstood. However, those who study dreams, in a metaphysical sense, understand their true purpose. On one hand, dreams are a method of filing away memories and information within your brain, at the subconscious level. While there are many who ascribe all types of mystical attributes to dreams, one characteristic has been proven. They are a direct conduit from our conscious mind to our subconscious mind.

Therefore, any “hidden” knowledge that is being kept from our conscious mind can often be found in dreams. How many times have you heard that someone has won the lottery by using numbers that they “dreamt about”? How many instances of so-called “prophetic dreams” have rescued someone from a serious mishap? Dreams are a serious indicator of our experiences in the past, present and even the future. But, the main problem is that the average individual can have difficulty remembering their dreams. With practice, however, that limitation can be overcome. Ask yourself; “How many times have I dreamt of something repeatedly and that thing has come about?” This is especially true of dreams that are unusually detailed.


This is a rare talent that not many people know about (even so-called metaphysics experts). While it doesn’t directly deal with the future, it is an indication of “time sensitivity”. With psychometry, one will pick up an object (possibly from a friend’s home) and have a strong impression of events associated with that object. It will almost feel like you were actually there and your memories will be clear.

Using an object to break through the limitation of linear time is an indication of potential clairvoyant ability. Genuine psychics also use this talent as part of their overall set of abilities. 

Déjà Vu

Déjà vu is a common experience that most of us has experienced at one time or another. However, if this is something that you experience on a regular basis, then you may be tapping in on your clairvoyant ability. When this occurs, take note of how you feel about your surroundings and see if there is any reason for those feelings

These are only a few signs of determining clairvoyance. Also, there are ways to develop this ability as well. Learning to clear your mind through Meditation and other exercises can assist with this.


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  1. Tattianna Dominguez August 19, 2019 at 8:13 pm - Reply

    A lot of times we experience clairvoyance through dreams because we are on a different wavelength. Because of our human mind experiencing time as a set number, in our dreams time does not exist the same way. For some, psychometry is related to energy. How many times do we think of the same thing when we are holding an object? Energy is an extension of ourselves and it flows through us and in some cases out of us. So if a person was to hold an object and feel an emotional experience, it is because they can feel that from the object. When I think of psychometry and energy, I think of light. It is in us, and what we touch can pick up what we feel because we sometimes unintentionally have a focus on something and then the object absorbs that energy. Deja Vu, for those who believe in past lives, can be part of a past or a future life. In some instances people who have never been to a place before, been able to describe where things are, where to go and what is about to happen next because they have been there before. Deja Vu can be an amazing experience if one is patient enough to stop and embrace it for what it truly is.

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