Understanding The Psychic Gift of Mediumship

These days, there is a tremendous amount of interest in psychic phenomena. One of the most controversial is known as “Mediumship”. And there is a good reason for this. People have a great need for knowing how to improve their lives through otherworldly assistance. There are also those who desperately wish to contact the “other side”. This may be for the purposes of contacting loved ones who have passed away. Needless to say, there are a great many unscrupulous individuals who would like to cash in on those needs.

What IS Mediumship?

Most importantly, the colorful history of mediumship is a discussion for another time. In this article, I’m going to discuss genuine Mediumship. I’ll talk about what it entails and how to determine if you have the ability that this requires. For those who do, I will point out some ways that you can increase these abilities.

A medium is an individual who can access certain dimensions and realms through their mental abilities. This is accomplished through a connection that isn’t readily accessible to the average individual. The concept of Mediumship is a relatively simple one with a long history. Therefore, here, we will limit our focus on the ways to increase your mediumship ability.

The Body as a Conduit

The food that you eat must also be of a more “pure” nature. Food that contains preservatives, excess sugar and artificial ingredients should be avoided. Therefore if you are practicing Mediumship on a regular basis, then you should strive to consume organic food. Also, make sure that your food is balanced for providing all the necessary vitamins and minerals. A body that is full of toxins can deter any entities from wanting to communicate through it. Think of a dirty telephone handle. Would you want to place your mouth near it?

To begin with, you need to understand that a medium is using their body as a conduit. This means that the practice of Mediumship places a strain on the person’s physical being. Proper diet and exercise is a must, in order to hone mediumship ability. This means drinking more water – but from pure sources. Filtered water will help you avoid any poisons/toxins that can be found in tap water.

Be Clear in Your Mind and Emotions

Attempting to contact another realm is difficult, if not impossible, if your thoughts are cluttered with unnecessary thoughts and emotions. It would be like trying to navigate a vehicle when there is a thick cloud of fog. If you are going through some form of emotional turmoil, then postpone your contact attempts!

However, you can overcome any extraneous thoughts and emotions by taking the time to meditate, prior to contact attempts. This is especially true if you are trying to contact a specific entity. Mediumship is a practice that requires exceptional focus and single-mindedness. You develop this ability through Meditation.

Understand the Different Types Of Mediumship Practices

There are different types of Mediumship experiences. If you have already ascertained that you have these abilities, you need to try them all out. That’s because you may have a strong inclination to excel at one specific type of Mediumship. Possibly even a type that you may not yet be familiar with!

Experiment with your mediumship sensitivity in different ways. You can make a habit of visiting old, abandoned buildings and quiet your thoughts. Do you feel the presence of any spirits there? You can also visit a store that sells personal antique items, such as hairbrushes and other toiletry items. The reason for this has to do with these items having had close physical contact with others who have since died.

Automatic Writing

You can also try other mediumship conduit forms, such as Automatic Writing. However, those who genuinely practice Mediumship tend to say that vocal communication works the best. Automatic Writing may be contaminated with an ideomotor effect, and is not always a sure way to determine contact with a spiritual entity.

Assisting Mediumship Practices

There are other things that can assist you in your Mediumship practices. For example, you should create a brief ritual that begins and ends your mediumship practice. This will serve the purpose of letting the other side know that you are going to attempt to contact it. The ending ritual should be one that offers thanks to any cooperation that you have received.

The second thing to consider is attempting to contact what is known as a “Gatekeeper”. This is an entity that will assist you in reaching the other side. The entity is also quite useful for helping you to contact a specific spirit. And, more to the point, protect you from any spiritual entities that desire to do you harm.

Proceed with caution

Remember, attempting to contact the spiritual realm is not always the safest thing to do! That’s because the spiritual realm has a number of different dimensions. Some of those dimensions are inhabited by entities that you might not want to be in contact with!

If you believe that you have a predilection for Mediumship, then by all means pursue it. It is also suggested that you find a genuine medium that can assist you in your practices.


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