10th Annual Halloween Seance in Englewood

10th Annual Halloween Seance at Isis

Many people believe that on Halloween the veil between our world and the other side is at its thinnest. This Halloween Rev Charles Cox will be leading a seance at Isis Books. Not only is Isis a busy metaphysical/spiritual location in the Denver area, but the building was previously a funeral home.

We’ll gather together at 7:00, use our combined energies to create a safe space then open the door for spirit to speak to us. Seats are very limited and must be purchased in advance. Charles Cox is a Spiritualist Minister living in the Denver area. He has 35+ years experience doing readings, seances and spiritual healings. Charles is also founder of the Denver Psychic Development Group which meets weekly to assist its members in gaining direct access to inspiration, guidance and communication from “the other side”

Note : Even though this event is being held on Halloween. This is not a party. This is open to anyone genuinely seeking a traditional Spiritualist experience.

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