6-Day Professional Hypnotist Training



• Techniques to hypnotize people individually and in a group.

• Past-life regression techniques to use with individuals and groups.

• How to force impressions in a one-to-one regression.

• Spirit-Contact Therapy techniques.

• Very important situations that can arise and how to deal with them.

• Past-Life Therapy counseling techniques.

• How to deal with Earthbound Entity Attachments, including how to release them to the light and then seal your client’s body so other entities will be unable to enter.

• Soul-Retrieval (many psychologists are now using these powerful techniques to deal with those who have experienced situations such as Post Traumatic Stress as adults or sexual molestation when they were young).

• Parallel Lives Transfer Sessions (every regression therapist needs this important information).

• Chakra-Balancing Hypnosis Induction and as a way to remove blocks from your client’s energy field.

• Higher-Self Hypnosis.

• Life-Between-Life Hypnosis.Chakra-Link Hypnosis (for couples counseling).

• Clinical Hypnosis (How to structure powerful life-changing suggestions that your clients will accept on every level of their body and mind.)

• The best hypnosis formats to program change.

• A “no-fail” physical technique that will put anyone into hypnosis, including the most difficult subjects.

• The “touch-on-the-forehead” instant hypnosis technique.

• Demonstration group and individual regressions and a group chakra-link.

• Safeguards, self-release and much more.

• Special hypnosis equipment demonstrations and visual aids.

By the afternoon of the second day of the seminar, you will be successfully hypnotizing someone else using a non-verbal technique. By the afternoon of the 3rd day, you will be hypnotizing and conducting a past-life regression on a volunteer.

Dick teaches you to hypnotize others with a complete knowledge of past-life regression and other exploratory techniques. Many graduates have started entirely new and successful careers based upon this training. This is an intense five days in which you’ll learn hypnosis techniques and insiders’ information that could take you years to learn on your own. Much of the content is not available in any other training. Dick has spent half his lifetime developing these unique techniques that accomplish what many hypnotists thought impossible.

Everyone attending will receive Dick Sutphen’s Past-Life Therapy Hypnosis Manual of illustrated, specifically written information, including complete technique descriptions and many, many scripts. Many new scripts will be also added to the manual including “Earthbound Entity Attachment,” “Soul Retrieval,” “Chakra Script to remove energy blocks,” and many more. Other supplied materials included–PDF Download of his book, “Reinventing Yourself” and “Liberation Techniques” (notes and scripts from a two-day training Dick conducted at the National Guild of Hypnotists). Plus an MP3 audio: “Metronome” to practice your “voice roll.” A parchment graduation certificate is awarded at the end of the seminar training.


Everyone taking the training will receive a Dick Sutphen Certification. It is honored by most major hypnosis organizations. If you want the full hypnosis certification of a larger organization, we certify through the International Hypnosis Federation. It costs a $100 payable directly to them, and is very valuable. They offer insurance at a very reasonable price. The fee also plays your first years dues ($60), you receive a regular newspaper, and you will be invited to attend or present at the annual convention in San Pedro, CA in March.

Hypnotists offering past-life regression charge $100 to $150 or more per hour, and there aren’t enough to fulfill the need. Establish a new career, add hypnosis to your existing practice, or offer this service part time. I provide the support materials and will teach you everything you need to know in 5 days. Then start practicing on friends and family to gain confidence. You’ll know when you’re ready to start a practice.

$200.00 Now holds your seat, $795.00 Balance Due

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