Cord Cutting: Releasing the ties that bind you

Cord Cutting: Releasing the Ties That Bind

Each one of us feels the connections to others in our lives. We develop deep energetic connections to friends, romantic partners and even some employers. But what happens when the time comes to end a connection and move on in life? We call it a ‘break-up’ because we’re usually broken up emotionally trying to move on with our lives. Why can moving on be so difficult? Because we have not released the energetic connections we hold with people, places and things. The cords that once made us feel loved and secure, now feel like ropes pulling us back into the past.

In tonight’s class, we will…

• Explore what energetic connections or cords are,

• See how they bind us together even when we want to move on,

• Learn techniques to gently release the cords that bind us,

• Use a guided meditation to facilitate your healing process

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