Full Moon Séance at Goddess Isis

Full Moon Seance at Goddess Isis

A Full Moon Seance combines the power of circling our energies to receive messages from the other side with the immense power of a full moon. These events combined serve to focus spiritual energy into our Seance. Each full moon has it’s own name, and brings its own specific energies. The July 8th full moon is called the Buck Moon or Thunder Moon. 

The energy of this full moon is about the appearance of natural forces which will guide the course of our everyday lives. During this moon cycle, male deer (bucks) begin to develop their antlers leading up to a fall mating season, the continuation of life through reproduction (Second Chakra Energy). The Thunder Moon, as this cycle is also known, is the appearance of sound and light from storms. Thunder heralds the coming storm which has the possibility of nourishing the fields with moisture or destroying the fields with a flood. 

Join host Charles Cox for this Full Moon Seance at Goddess Isis Books.

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