How To See & Read Auras (With Your Physical Eyes)

How To See & Read Auras (With Your Physical Eyes)

In Spiritualism and other forms of spiritual practice, an aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object sometimes depicted as a halo or soft background light in religious art. It is believed that all living things have an aura and reading an aura is a traditional method of checking in on an individual. Seen in the aura is a combination of energies, usually appearing as colors, and these colors reflect energetic patterns in the body. Aura readings are less of a predictive tool of coming events than a way to see where the subject is at any given time on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

In tonight’s class, we will work on techniques to see the aura with the physical eyes and how to interpret what you are seeing. Several students will be called upon to be subjects to read by the class as a whole.

This will be a fun and educational class for all involved!

Note: Please bring a notebook and pen to this class, and for those that are so inclined, you are invited to bring colored pencils or chalk to help document your visions.

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