Powerful Psychic Awareness Intensive!

Powerful Psychic Awareness Intensive!

Your psychic abilities are right there, waiting for you to tap into them, but you don’t because you have any number of reasons for not going after what you want. But the reasons are unimportant. To get something different, you must do something different. Make plans to attend the Powerful Psychic Awareness Intensive!

All experience levels are invited to attend, just be ready to get pushed to the next level.

During this all-day event, you will….

• Discover your own psychic gifts

• Connect with others’ energy, begin the process of getting messages

• Experience a fast-paced game which will reveal how much psychic info you are already perceiving

• Learn the ‘surefire’ 4 step method to tapping into psychic energy

• Meditate deeply using sounds coded to take you into deeper levels of awareness

And finally, you will connect with a group of like-minded people on the same spiritual path as you.  (Read reviews below from people who have already taken the class)

Like so many opportunities in life, once the class is filled you won’t have the chance to attend. This class is limited to 8 students. Why not ‘decide’ now to explore your spiritual gifts, to expand your psychic awareness and get your feet firmly planted on the spiritual path, once and for all.

Rev Charles Cox is a Spiritualist Minister ordained in 1991, and founder of the Denver Psychic Development Group. Charles teaches on Spiritualism and Psychic Development. He also reads for his private clients. Charles’ website is www.denver-psychic.com

There will be a 60 minute mid-afternoon break

Don’t take our word for, read what former attendees said about this event…

A powerful class with amazingly gifted people, I’m grateful for the experience“- Aaron

This is a great class if you are looking for someone to nudge you and push you to take that next step“- Linda

Was so great to be with like minded people! Can’t wait to have a get together with all classmates“- Donna

Our abilities were put to task with Charles’ deft guidance; the class is aptly named! This class definitely gave me much more confidence in my own abilities and were taken to a greater level“- Lori

This was a great group and we learned a lot together“- Kathy




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