Jump Start Your Psychic Abilities

Jump Start Your Psychic Development

It seems like people will do anything to uncover their psychic abilities. In ‘Jump Start Your Psychic Abilities’ you will get the psychic juices going (without any jumper cables). This is a fun and fast paced introduction to the psychic world and how you can become more in touch with it.

In today’s class you will…

• Play with the “feel” of energy in general

• Discuss how psychic perception works and how you can use it everyday

• Learn how to quiet your mind and begin to perceive energy

• Practice grounding, protection, connection and disconnection

• Experience a guided meditation to meet spirit guides or guardian angels

The most often asked question about the Denver Psychic Development Group is “which class do I start with?” The answer is this one ‘Jump Start Your Psychic Abilities.’ You will be guided by Charles Cox, a Spiritualist Minister with 35+ years experience in Spiritualism, metaphysics and psychic development. Charles is founder of the The Denver Psychic Development Group and is active in our metaphysical community speaking at events around the Denver area.

Payment: Cash (exact change is always appreciated), Check or to pay by PayPal- Click Here (http://paypal.me/denverpsychic/25)

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