Late Friday Night…Welcoming All Hallows’ Eve

Welcoming All Hallows’ Eve

Why wait until Saturday night to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve! Make plans to join us for a very special event. We’ll begin at 11:30 pm of Friday night by centering our energies into a specific state which will allow us to welcome the thinning of the veil which accompanies All Hallows’ Eve at midnight. Once the midnight hour passes, we use actual physical techniques to reach beyond the thinning veil to see and hear the messages from the other side.

We will also be joined by members of the ‘Inner Soul Investigations’ as they use their paranormal investigating techniques to confirm the presence of energies from beyond the veil. This is a serious event that will leave you smiling with Joy for all the connections to the Spirit World you experience.

Seats are very limited, make plans now to join us!

For more information about Inner Soul Investigations click here to visit their website. 

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