Psychic CSI Class

Psychic CSI Class

Tonight’s guest teacher is Jennifer K Garcia 

Psychic Investigators have been a longstanding tool used by law enforcement to solve some of the most difficult and challenging cases.

Join us for an evening of excitement as we put on our psychic detective hats to help solve several criminal and missing person cases provided by Jennifer.

In this class we will learn how to break down pieces of a case by using our mediumship, remote viewing and clairvoyance to pick up on images and impressions. We will tap into the energy of the deceased/victim as well as the perpetrator for a well-rounded viewpoint.

This class is designed for beginners and advanced psychics alike.

About your instructor Jennifer K Garcia… 

Jennifer is an Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Teacher.  She is dedicated to empowering individuals, coaches and healers by creating a sacred space for them to open up their psychic abilities and help others.

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