Psychometry- Reading People Through Touching Objects


Reading People Through Touching Objects

In this class,  we will exploring the art of <strong style=”font-size : small”>Psychometry. Don’t let the word worry you, it just means the ability to read another person’s energy by touching an object that they own. The theory is that our energy leaves an imprint on everything we touch and objects in our possession have a full charge of our personal energy on them. We’ll start the evening with a centering meditation at then explore the theory behind Psychometry. In addition to theory, you’ll be touching the possessions of others and doing readings (or at least getting impressions) for others attending the class. Important: Bring a personal item to class with you, a ring, a watch, or keys. Please don’t bring items belonging to another person. This class is focusing on reading for each other using Psychometry. I’ll cover in class why I’m asking only for personal items belonging to you. Everyone will be getting (and giving) a reading. This will be a powerful and insightful class, and is open to both existing and new students alike. Please Join Us!

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