Shuffling Intuition into your Tarot Reading

Now more than ever we live in such a polarized world. We tend to identify as either this OR that… our politics, our religious views, our social concerns all seem skewed to one edge or the other. Even the light workers have adopted this. You are an astrologer but not a psychic… a medium but not an intuitive, a tarot card reader but certainly not healer. And yet the energy that animates all our abilities as light workers is known by all those names and so many more. “A rose by any other name is still a rose”

“Shuffling Intuition into your Tarot Reading” is a fun introduction to activating all your intuitive talents while still reading tarot cards. Bring your own cards are we will play with ways to incorporate ‘intuition’ into your readings so you will offer greater in-depth information for your friends and clients alike.

Event offered through Denver Tarot Meetup

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