“The What If Experience” with Robyn Locke & the Elders

“The What If Experience”- Create More in this New Reality

Who Are the Elders

Think upon us as a consciousness of light and Love. Think upon us as ever moving light that does fluctuate and form words within the in-breath and out-breath of a beat or measure. Think upon us as Love, in Love with all that is.

We are beings that wish for humanity to have answers that have alluded them in recent times. There are those who have shared such information, but it is also being released in this manner, in this time, so there might be a knowingness as one engages with life here.

We are pure consciousness, we are many, and we provide insights for humanity so that more may be gleaned in this lifetime than without such knowledge.

We are Love but all are that which is.

In Today’s Session….

Introductions and foundational understandings

Discover more about your Purpose, Passion, Reason for Being
• The Little Book to Find Your Purpose
• Enact steps to uncover you sought to incarnate here

The What If Book of What Is
• Understand subtle energy and how to minimize pain and disease
• Begin to enact methodologies to self-heal

Ask the Elders & their insights
• Can you gain a new perspective regarding this global situation
• Recognize how each adversity is an unrecognized gift

Experience Robyn’s Heart Expansion Meditation

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