We all experience times when we feel uncertain about our path and need some guidance.  The Divine Collective (Archangels Metatron and Uriel) will come together this evening to GIVE YOU YOUR NEXT STEP.  As usual, Metatron and Uriel will carry on a conversation, exchange ideas and each weigh in on a myriad of subjects with humor and compassion.

Bring your personal questions, as after their message, Uriel and Metatron will open the floor to whatever you would like to talk about, each answering from their own perspective!

We have been asked by Spirit to bring forth this new way of delivering Divine communications to you.  Thus far, Archangels Uriel and Metatron and Lord Melchizedek have come forward to communicate in this way.  We anticipate that others will join in the conversation as time goes on. 

Channels for the Divine Collective: 

COLLEEN ANDRASTE, Channel, Certified Psychic, Spirit Medium & Medical Intuitive (Channel for Lord Metatron)
JOYCE JARRELL, Channel for the Divine, Teacher & Angel Therapy Practitioner® Certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue (Channel for Archangel Uriel)

What people are saying:

• “It was an incredible experience.  So full of love!”  LW 
“A slice of heaven!  Wonderful! “  LM 
“Awesome!”  LW 

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