How Strange and Vivid Dreams Offer The Opportunity to Heal

Scientists believe that everybody dreams. Though most people don’t remember them, others are haunted by the small movie that plays in their head during rest. You may classify your dreams as nightmares, or they may bring you a sense of peace, like seeing a loved one. However, did you ever think of your dream as healing? It may sound rather bizarre, but many people have been cured by using the advice they receive in this twilight state. There may be some beneficial nature to these mental escapades. Maybe vivid dreams heal.

Are Our Dreams Important?

Have you ever wondered why you dream? These nighttime hallucinations are not essential for survival, yet there seems to be a mind-body-spirit connection. This entranced state can help with your metaphysical development. Think of it as a method of communication between both the conscious and unconscious mind, a bridge of sorts that allows information to move back and forth. Your dreams can also show you things you need to work on in your life or how to do things differently.

Dreams allow you to experience emotions, both pleasurable and painful, in a safe manner. You can process information that is confusing or hurtful, but this data cannot physically harm you. Your deepest desires and most painful wounds will come out in this realm. How do you find out if your dreams are trying to tell you something or are just random thoughts that come during rest?

The best way is to use analysis to gather data. Not only will this information help you gain a deeper understanding, but it can also help you determine the meaning behind your subconscious thoughts. The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Have you ever had a dream that was so real that you feel like it was a sign or a premonition from a higher power? Many people have claimed that their dreams have warned them or gave them guidance to help in making important decisions. Some go as far as to say that dreaming is part of your psychic or intuitive nature at its best. The psychic powers of the subconscious show us that there are few limitations when it comes to the mind.

During a dream, your astral body leaves the restrictions of the physical world and enters a timeless dimension. In this dimension, you find a connection that is soul-to-soul. Dreams can be divided into three categories: clairvoyant, telepathic and precognitive. Once you awaken, your dream may puzzle you. That’s because as a human, you define yourself by the constrictions of space and time, but your dreams don’t have these limitations.

A clairvoyant dream is telling you something. The person that experiences these types of dreams has psychic abilities. They can receive messages by using a crystal ball, Tarot cards or through a dream.

A telepathic dream is where two people connect during this realm. Very few people have these kinds of dreams, but it allows two souls to bust through the barriers of time and space and connect on a deeper level.

Lastly, precognitive dreams are using your sixth sense to see into the future. This extrasensory perception is a second sight. During these dreams, a person receives knowledge that they would have no other way of obtaining.

The Importance of Analyzing Your Dreams

To adequately address the strange or vivid psychic dreams you’re having try to keep a journal to record the dream when it happens so you can decode and interpret it later on. It may sound like a lot of work, but it’s valuable data that can help you analyze what’s going on inside your subconscious. For instance, if you dream every night for a week about a fire, then you need to find out if it has significance.

If during the dreams you can control the fire, then it is a positive aspect. However, if you have no control over the fire, then it can be a symbol for something else. An out of control blaze can be expressing feelings of anger. It may signal that you have irritation about something you cannot control, or is it possible that your dream is trying to warn you about a tragic event that is about to happen? The spiritual link to your dreams cannot be ignored.

Dealing With Strange or Disturbing Dreams

Did you know that most dreams come from fears that you are dealing with? For instance, take the child that is constantly afraid of bees. They may have a dream that a bumblebee is chasing them. The fear comes out in the most vulnerable place, dream world. If you are afraid of being fired from your job or have workplace drama, you may dream about being fired. You can purify your dreams by conquering your fears. Some medications can make your dreams worse. Sedating drugs, like benzodiazepines and even alcohol, can affect you.

If you are continually having dreams that are disturbing in nature, journal them and find out the source. If it stems from fears and apprehensions in life, then you can work on those things to help erase negativity. You have the power, to some extent, to help yourself dream better.

Improving Your Dreams

Lastly, your dreams may come to help heal your mind and body. There may be information in there that is helpful for your journey through life. You may find you cannot wait to get to sleep to continue a great dream. This nighttime movie that runs in your brain can be everything or it can be nothing. It’s up to you to analyze and decide what to make of it.

However, never discount information you receive in this subconscious state. There have been many people who have received direction or got advice from sources that transcend time and place. Your dreams may heal your soul, give you direction on your career or family needs, or just be an amusing addition to your day. Only analyzing them will give you the answers you need.



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  1. Juliana October 15, 2018 at 10:22 pm - Reply

    Great blog and very timely. I have always been fascinated by dreams and growing up I had an aunt who frequently had precognitive dreams. I too have had some over the years. Lately I have been having some very vivid and wondered if they were in references of events yet to come. I decided to get a journal specifically for my dreams so that I could record what I remember forst thing in the morning. Also, I like the part about receiving information in the dream state for healing and I am going to experiment with asking for guidance for health before bed. Should be interesting to look back in a few months and see how things played out. I am open to exploring and you never know what could be divinely revealed until you try. Thank you for blogging about intriguing and spiritually relevant topics!

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