Ask Charles Cox- What is the best way to protect myself from others’ energy?

What is the best way to protect myself from others’ energyWhat is the best way to protect myself from others’ energy?  How can we read without immersing into another’s energy?-
Asks Sharon R

I have to be honest up front. There are times where I am deeply touched by a client’s story. Recently I read for a woman whose story was profoundly sad. I found myself at several points tearing up when contemplating her predicament. This is important to acknowledge upfront… it can be difficult to connect with someone without being touched by their situation. Becoming too connected with a client isn’t a bad thing; it’s not know what to do when it happens that causes problems.

When reading for people whether for friends or paying clients it is important to enter the reading with a certain mindset. You are the conduit (medium) through which messages flow from the other side. The real challenge is how to connect with a client without becoming immersed in their energy, involved in their story. The key is to recognize the process as it happens, advice that is easier said than done. To help keep my energy centered, I focus on this phrase; energy follows intention.

Begin every session with the intention of being present to deliver messages from the other side. You are not responsible for healing your clients, changing your clients or even insuring they understood the message you shared with them. By staying clear on your role as the medium, you can begin to connect without being immersed in your sitter’s energy. Awareness is the key to growth here. If you feel your energy becoming too involved in the client’s story, recognize the situation and remember that ‘energy follows intention’. Remembering this phrase will help to re-center your intention and pull you back into the role of the medium.

I understand that the solution seems simple… it is simple. It is an on-going skill you’re developing to stay in your role as the medium, keeping yourself present for both your protection and the protection of your client.

Many natural mediums and psychics are empathic, simply meaning that they automatically connect with other people’s energy. At first glance this would seem like a good thing, but over time it can wreak havoc. The empathic person has no intention (or discrimination) about who they are connecting with. This can lead to feelings of emotional and physical overwhelm in empathic people because they have such porous boundaries. They have no control (or intention) over their natural talents. Understanding how to be present, how to ground and protect, how to connect energetically and more importantly how to disconnect are the fundamentals of a good psychic development program. Learning and practicing these basics steps will accelerate your development and enhance your feelings of confidence.

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  1. Juliana September 24, 2018 at 12:30 am - Reply

    Growing up I did not have the words for what I was experiencing, sensing and/or feeling. I was teased a lot for being “too sensitive” and always felt like I didnt fit in. It was until early adulthood I came across the work of Dr. Judith Orloff and she spoke about Empaths. This is when things started to make sense. Being empathic is not something I go around advertising as being deeply in tune with the cosmic energy can be a challenging life path. As you mentioned, it is a balance: being a conduit for others without becoming enmeshed with their story. I used to feel a duality within myself, my true nature being very grounded yet when out in the world never fully in my body. Self-work and healing has helped to cultivate my roots and learn tools to clear my field. Its still a constant work in progress and I am sure always will be as I am one that feels deeply. Just the other day I had a practitioner tell me “your body cant be so sensitive”. Years ago this would have taken me days to recover from but as I have gotten to know my own genetic make-up I no longer take in others energy/transference. Discernment is key to knowing what is mine and what is theirs. Thank you for noting the importance of grounding. The daily practice of grounding helps me to keep my feet on the ground, be present with others, and give the earth any energy that is not mine. Hopefully this will be something taught in schools, especially with more sensitive kids entering the planet. Thank you for this article!

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