When Your Intuition Speaks . . . Are You Listening?


When Your Intuition Speaks . . . Are You Listening? Have you ever thought, “This isn’t going to end well” and then went ahead and continued your actions only to wish you hadn’t?  That thought was your intuition telling you to bail out.  You received the message, but you weren’t listening.

How Intuition Shows Up

Intuition shows up to people in different ways.  For example, a person meeting with a contractor might suddenly get a sick feeling.  If they didn’t eat five chilidogs for lunch and no other physical cause can be found, it might be their intuition giving them a hint not to hire that contractor.

Someone else might encounter the same situation and swear that they heard a voice say, “Hire someone else” or simply “Danger.”  Similarly, they might have a thought run through their head with a warning to hire someone else or they might just know that they need to hire someone else.  Yet another person might start noticing signs for a different contractor or lots of news stories about construction disasters.

Each of these people’s intuition is telling the person to take notice and consider if this is the right contractor.  However, each person is receiving the information via different means.  The manner in which this information shows up is not important.  Matter of fact, a given individual may get intuitive information through different means at different times.

Why People Don’t Listen to Their Intuition

People sometimes fail to listen because they simply aren’t tuned in, don’t pay attention, or don’t understand the message.  When people understand the message, they have to trust their intuition and have the courage to follow it.

Since society emphasizes logic and ego, that is where people often put their attention.  As a result, people focus on the pros and cons instead of their intuition.  Additionally, explaining a decision based on intuition is often met with skepticism and doubt.  For example, I once intuitively knew the correct approach to a work challenge.  I shared the “obvious” solution.  I ended up being asked to evaluate 25 options before my co-workers would accept my original solution.  Hundreds of hours of effort were wasted making a decision that differed in no way from the original recommendation.  It would have been easier to tell them it would take several weeks to evaluate the alternatives and then tell them what I knew all along.

Learning to Listen to Your Intuition

Learning to listen is all about paying attention.  When a person notices the thoughts running through their mind that seem out of place, they are likely picking up on their intuition.  For example, when talking to a neighbor, it may be intuition at work if a person suddenly wonders about the neighbor moving even though they haven’t seen or heard a sign of a move.

Likewise, people must pay attention to what they are noticing.  Is there a theme?  Does it answer a question?  

In addition, learning to listen to one’s intuition includes learning to tune into one’s body to identify physical reactions to people and situations.  Reactions can include feelings of butterflies in the stomach, an odd pain, and buzzing energy among other feelings.

What Happens When A Person Listens

People often find that life moves along smoothly when they listen to their intuition.  Intuition can keep people from encountering trouble, help them make good financial and relationship choices, keep them healthy, and help obstacles seem smaller.  However, intuition can also help with little every day things.  For instance, a person may avoid a traffic jam because their intuition took them down a different route.  It might also direct a person to make a phone call at the perfect time or to select the best cantaloupe.

The more a person listens to their intuition, the more it speaks.  When a person is listening to their intuition and combines that information with their logic, life can flow over and around obstacles like a river flows across a rocky riverbed.

Tune in, listen, and trust! 

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