You Think You May Be Psychic… Now What?

First off, know you are in good company. A 2005 Gallup poll discovered that 3 in 4 Americans believe in the paranormal. In a similar poll around the same time, 25% of people said they had had a direct spiritual experience of their own. The days of hushed-voices about psychic phenomena have been replaced by an explosion of ways to experience the paranormal for yourself. From ground breaking TV shows like ‘Crossing Over with John Edward’ (2001) to the ghost investigation shows like ‘Ghost Hunters’ (2004). You can now take psychic development classes in person, or via the internet no matter where you live. Developing your psychic intuition is easier than ever. So, what are your options?

You Think You May Be Psychic… Ignore it Completely

Some people choose to ignore their natural gifts entirely. This is one path to choose, and this choice is personal to each who makes it. Maybe the idea of a psychic or spiritual reality is frightening or contradicts deeply held religious beliefs. There is no obligation to explore this aspect within ourselves. But ignoring your natural intuition doesn’t make it go away. These people simply don’t act on their own ‘gut feelings’. They can be heard saying “I had a feeling that was going to happen” or “I knew he/she wasn’t being honest with me”. It is more likely that we already use our ‘intuition’ in our everyday lives, and developing a psychic sense is simply sharpening a part of ourselves that is already present. Many people choose denial at first but quickly realize this approach does not work.

Individual Study

The next step is to begin your studies. Let the process begin as an adventure, see where your interests take you. Spending time in a metaphysical bookstore should spark some ideas. Since we are talking about cultivating your intuition, why not start with allowing your inner guidance to direct you on where to start your studies. What are YOU interested in? However, be gentle with yourself; the enormous number of books can be overwhelming. Give yourself time to digest the ideas before moving on to the next book (or subject).

Group Study

It’s now time to put what you have learned into practice. There a literally hundreds of psychic development classes going on both near you and online. Studying in a group is a terrific way to get immediate feedback and to learn from the experiences of others. People sharing their truths can be very helpful to your own personal and spiritual growth. Let your emerging intuition dictate where and with whom you study as well. See ‘5 Things to Look for in a Spiritual Teacher’ as a practical guide to choosing the right spiritual teacher for you.


Everyone is psychic… even you. Discovering your true talents is not unlike anything else you pursue in your life. You start, learn, practice, grow… learn more, practice more, grow more… you get the point.



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